Best students – 2009/10 1st Term

Our best students of English during the 1st Term have been:
1 ESO A – Javier López Graña (8.80)
1 ESO B – Candela Rodríguez Bernárdez (9.00)
2 ESO A – Iago Borrajo Rodríguez (9.24)
2 ESO B – Miguel Romero Zapatero (9.62)
3 ESO A – Paula Reguera Ayán (8.50)
3 ESO B – Marta Barros Reguera (9.00)
4 ESO A – Sara McGarry Arena (8.43)
4 ESO B – Cristina Ponce Fernández (8.12)

Very often the students who get the highest grades are not the most talented ones, but those who try harder, show a positive attitude and have a praiseworthy work ethics.

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