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Labor students who sign up as followers of this blog will get a nice reward by the end of the 2nd term. No nicks allowed, you need to sign up using your real name so that your identity can be fully ascertained. It is also a good idea to leave comments and to contribute with ideas and contents to keep Labor English Zone alive and kicking.
And if you want to receive updates of this blog subscribe to our comments using the button “Posts” on the right-hand column.

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NNET, Secondary Education, Labor School, Vigo
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3 Responses to Comment, Follow, Subscribe

  1. Cristina says:

    hello teacher I think this web is very good for learn new vocabulary and practise your english with other peoplehttp://www.babbel.complease if my comment has mistakes correct me Cristina Ponce

  2. AdPV says:

    These are my corrections, Cristina:this web is very good for LEARNING vocabulary and PRACTISING your English (capital E) with other people.Thanks for the link

  3. Hi teacher! This web page is a good idea to improve our English.I think that this is a good way to comunicate with other people and ask you things that we don't understand.Correct me if my comment has mistakes.Thanks!See you soon!

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