United World Colleges

Would you like to study abroad? Can you imagine yourself in a school where all your classmates have very different backgrounds and languages and you learn as much from them as your teachers? Where there will be so much to do that getting enough sleep will be a challenge?
United World Colleges is a global educational NGO that brings students together from all over the world, selected from within their own countries, on merit, irrespective of race, religion or politics and regardless of their ability to pay. These students come together at one of 13 UWC Schools and Colleges across five continents that aim to foster international understanding and peace.
Who can apply?
Students interested in the pre-university diploma will normally be aged between 15 and 17 years old at the application stage and have already completed 10 or 11 years of formal education. Students are normally 16 or 17 when they start at a UWC college. Academic requirements vary from country to country.
The teaching language of these colleges is English, with the exception of UWC Costa Rica which is bilingual – Spanish and English. Previous knowledge of the teaching language is not usually necessary. The colleges will offer support if you do not have previous language knowledge.
Visit the links below for further information:

United World Colleges Spain (Colegios del Mundo Unidos)
Curriculum: International Baccalaurate (Bachillerato Internacional), Students aged 2-16
Application form

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