4th ESO B 2nd term PBL: The Lottery Ticket

4th ESO B students Reyes Moreno, Verónica Savio, Ángel Riveiro and Álvaro González have chosen Anton Chekhov’s story “The Lottery Ticket” for their 2nd term PBL. This is what they have sent us:
The history is about a woman who buys a lottery ticket and asks her husband for the wining number. The husband looks for the number in the newspaper and they start to think what are they going to do with the money if the are the winners. Then, they start to argue about the money, but they still dont know if they have the winning number. After that the husband looks for it and they realize that it’s not the winning one, so they stop arguing. Now, they can see that money is not the most important and that they love each other more than money.
The song is from Bob Fosse’s film, created in 1972 and bassed on a theatre play, started in Brodway on 1966. This film says that the life is like a cabaret. The music is from John Kander and the lyrics are from Fred Ebb.
We have chosen this song ’cause the chosen history talks about how the money chages us and about what important it is. Because of that i think the first sentece of the song says it all, because of the money the entire world turns over.
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One Response to 4th ESO B 2nd term PBL: The Lottery Ticket

  1. AdPV says:

    Your song is indeed a good choice, but we clearly stated in class that the videos had to be embedded and yours features a "Embedding disabled by request" tag.Sorry, but you have not completed your PBL according to instructions:4 points to you.

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