Newsy: Health Care Bill Called a Victory for Obama

“Today after almost a century of trying, today after over a year of debate, today, after all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the United States of America…(applause)…today.” (MSNBC)
President Barack Obama signed the $938 billion health care bill into law amid a room of ecstatic supporters. So now that health care is law, the question becomes how this changes Mr. Obama’s presidency.
MSNBC discusses the significance of the day with CBS Washington Bureau Chief Mark Whitaker. He says it’s not just historical but political and solidifies Mr. Obama’s identity: “I think today, Barack Obama not only became President in a different way, but also, I think he became the true head of the Democratic Party and I think in some ways he never was.”
CNN’s Senior White House Corespondent Ed Henry talks about where this places Mr. Obama in comparison with past presidents: “Suddenly, his name is being dropped, if you read the editorial pages around the country, with the likes of FDR on social security, LBJ on medicare, suddenly it’s Obama health care reform. Now, that may be a little bit much in such a brief amount of time, but I think it’s a dramatic demonstration how quickly a president’s fortunes can change.”
Fox News’ Senior White House Corespondent Major Garrett acknowledged the President’s strengths in passing this bill: “He will get audits across the country, even from his detractors, for being persistent and not giving up on this goal. That is a hallmark of any successful president in American history, Republican or Democrat.”
But NPR explored what this might mean in November. With so many congressional seats up for election, it’s still an up-hill battle to sell the bill to the American people: “Now the question is whether a legislative victory translates into a political victory in November…The bill’s passage may ultimately cost some Democrats their seats.”
So what do you think? will this help the Republicans or Democrats in the November mid-term elections?
Written by: Erika Roberts
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