Newsy: Google TV Breaks on to the Screen

First the internet, then cell phones, now TV? Google is teaming up with Intel and Sony to develop a new platform called Google TV. 
The New York Times broke the story and explains the company’s strategy: “…the project is a pre-emptive move to get a foothold in the living room as more consumers start exploring ways to bring Web content to their television sets. Google wants to aggressively ensure that its services, in particular its search and advertising systems, play a central role.”
A Marketwatch technology correspondent says it’s a great, but not novel idea. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Sony have already debuted their own Internet-TV products: “ All these things have some devotees, but nothing has been a big huge breakthrough and so certainly possible – that’s a very distinguished combination of companies – that they’ll do it, but I have to be skeptical until I really see that they do it in a way that’s so much better and so much different…and makes a difference.
With other Internet-ready set-top box sets already on the market, a blogger for Lifehacker wonders what new things Google can add to the mix: “…we’re wondering what they’ll deliver that’s new and unique. YouTube, a semi-decent browser, sure—but what else would you want on your biggest screen?”
A FOX News business correspondent wonders whether people will be willing to trade in their remotes for a mouse:  “It could be available as early as the summer. You know, for us Connel, Friday night’s twitting on our couch is a good time. I don’t know about for other people. That’s a question.”
But, The Street has a less optimistic outlook — sayings Google TV’s destined for the discount bin: “The Google box, however, isn’t answering a screaming need among consumers. Laptops and HD TVs have been happy living room companions for years. If history is any clue, the Google box is doomed.”
So, do you think Google TV will connect with consumers? Or will it be one of Google’s first flops?
Writer: Alyssa Caverley
No copyright infringement intended. For educational, non-commercial purposes only.

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