A year in the Rocky Mountains, by Dan Hudson

3 minutes 49 seconds to show the passing of time in a public park in the Rocky Mountains, US. Fantastic combination of music, images and excerpts from news bulletins. A video by Dan Hudson, music by Chris Jennings:
“This is an art project. It asks questions, rather than give answers. It asks questions about us as a species and as individuals. It asks questions about how we think and what we do. What is important in our lives? What is our relationship to the world around us? Do world events affect our daily lives? How does the social/political web of humanity affect our planet? What is nature? What is life? What is time? This is not an ordinary time lapse. It is made from video clips, not stills (most timelapse videos are made with still photographs). This way is much more difficult. But you get the beauty of the wind, rain and snow.

No copyright infringement intended. For educational, non-commercial purposes only.

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