Newsy: Mickelson Wins Emotional Masters

Tiger who? Phil Mickelson makes golf look good again at the 2010 Masters.
Phil Mickelson won his third green jacket at the Masters after firing a bogey-free 5 Under 67. The golfer known as ‘Lefty’ hit several jaw dropping shots, and held off the worlds best golfers on the grandest stage. 
But some of Mickelson’s biggest obstacles aren’t on the golf course. (ESPN)
Mickelson not only overcame the hype of Tiger Wood’s return to the sport—But both his wife, Amy, and his mother are battling breast cancer. Amy made a difficult and emotional appearance at the tournament. Carol Costello tells CNN that Tiger is no longer the talk of the golf world: “Phil Mickelson made it so emotional and you just forgot about Tiger Woods didn’t you? All that talk about Tiger Woods’ sex life—done. Now, we can talk about what happened to his swing. The story at this Masters turned out to be about the good husband.”
The New York Daily News also compares reports Mickelson is now man of the hour: “Forget about Tiger Woods and awful Nike commercials and idiotic comparisons… Not his Masters, not his sport. You saw Mickelson with his wife afterward…Good guy wins.”
MSNBC continued to sing Mickelson’s praises and blasted Tiger’s unsportsmanlike behavior: “And you don’t want to overplay this—But there was a real sense of purpose. He drilled every put. He played incredibly. This was a guy who understood that golf was just a game unlike Tiger Woods—And I’m just going to be really blunt here. Tiger still doesn’t get it.”
The Telegraph dubs Mickelson the golfer fans should be proud of: “…over the years we have learned to love Mickelson. The man who used to be the butt of Woods’s jokes is now standing on the moral high ground, a great champion and a decent man.”
And now we leave you with what the win means to Mickelson in his own words: “This was an emotional moment just because we’ve been through so many difficult and challenging times in the past year that to be able to share something so joyous was very special for us.” ESPN
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