1st, 2nd & 3rd ESO PBL task for the 3rd Term: "And then there were none"

1st, 2nd & 3rd ESO students. Here is your Problem Based Learning (PBL) assignment for the 3rd term:

Nintendo has published a new game for their Wii console: And Then There Were None.

Your job is to translate the game COVER and find the best possible TRANSLATION for THIS GAME into Spanish. As usual, you should gather and include as much information as possible in order to back up and account for your translation.

You must submit your papers IN HANDWRITING (sorry, but no digital docs or printed papers will be accepted in order to avoid “copy & paste” policies!). Remember that you should use the three columns of the “KWL” method:
K – What do I KNOW?
W – What do I WANT to know?
L – What have I LEARNT?
You must also submit the game cover including your translation, as in this example:

The deadline is Wednesday, May 12th. That does not mean you have to wait until that date to hand in your assignments! Feel free to submit them as soon as you wish!
4th ESO students’ contributions will be also most welcome, but you should only post them as comments on this blog or forward them to our e-mail.

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