Daily Mirror Football:

RC Celta are not having exactly a good season. The last straw has been the row between goalkeeper Yoel Rodríguez and midfielder Roberto Trashorras. Even the British newspaper Mirror Football published the news on its web:

Celta Vigo keeper Yoel Rodriguez was not a happy bunny at the weekend after conceding the only goal of the game against Villarreal B late on. In typical goalie style, however, it wasn’t his fault. Oh no. He knew just who to blame, hence his 40-yard dash out of his area to push and shove team-mate Roberto Trashorras, whose culpability for the winner is not immediately obvious. Rodriguez was fined after the game and apologised to Trashorras, admitting that he “didn’t know what he’d said to him”. But if anyone knows the Spanish for ‘you useless…’, we suspect you’re probably pretty close to the mark.

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