Newsy: Venus Causes Wardrobe Stir at French Open

Venus Williams dominated on the tennis court in her opening Sunday against Patty Schnyder. But her attire, criticized as “skimpy,” is what got all of the attention.

Tennis, welcome to the world of fashion. That’s the message after Venus Williams displayed her outfit Sunday at the French Open. Who knew one’s attire could cause such a stir on the tennis court?
“Wait, what is that? Is that lingerie?”

“What in the world!!!”
Williams says her outfit was about illusion. She says that the concept has been a lot of her motif this year. But some people aren’t too happy about what Williams is bringing to the sport. A writer for writes: “Williams might as well have walked onto the courts of the French Open with a giant flashing attention to me sign. Venus is an talented tennis player who does not need to resort to this sort of thing to draw attention to her game play.”
But others see nothing wrong with bringing a sense of fashion to the game. Or a lack thereof. A writer for writes: […] “I think Venus should be able to show her style in anything that isn’t vulgar, which I don’t think this outfit is. I do, however, think her French Open outfit is ugly. It reminds me of a cheesy Halloween costume.”
This isn’t the first time Williams has caught flack for the way she dresses on the court. In January at the Australian Open, she wore a neon green dress that also drew attention.
So what do you think? Are Venus Williams’ fashion statements good for the game of tennis? Or is she trying to draw too much attention to herself by what she wears on the court?
WRITER: Cordell Anderson
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