Newsy: Thierry Henry Injures Keeper During Goal Celebration

MLS soccer player Thierry Henry of the New York Redbulls is at the center of controversy again. His excessive celebration resulted in a sprained MCL for keeper Kevin Hartman of FC Dallas.
“Now look at the left side of your screen, you’ll see Henry try to smash the ball into the back of the net after the goal has been scored. He doesn’t see Hartman reaching for the ball at the same time. Now Henry catches Hartman’s foot twisting up his knee. … To be fair to be Henry, Nathasha, he sort of does this celebration type thing one in a while, this is just an unfortunate situation.” (HLN)
MLS soccer player Thierry Henry of the New York Redbulls is at the center of controversy again. This time for an excessive celebration that resulted in a sprained MCL for keeper Kevin Hartman of FC Dallas. Some are saying that he had every right to celebrate – while others say he took it too far.
We are monitoring reaction from HLN, ESPN, FanHouse, and The Washington Post.
Henry has since apologized and said it was foolish. But on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption Tony Kornheiser says that foolishness warrants a suspension: “As long as that goalie is out, Henry should be suspended for the same amount of time. What is this?”
But on Around the Horn – panelists Bill Plashke and J.A. Adande blame the keeper.
Plashke: “I always say if you don’t want to get kicked in the celebration don’t give up the winning goal. I blame Hartman for giving up the goal in the first place. Well that’s the way it is.”
Adande: “Now Thierry Henry wants to kick the ball so I give him credit. At least he wants to kick the ball. We all remember in that World Cup qualifier he had that handball goal that allowed France to move on. … So at least this time he’s kicking the ball, that’s progress.”
And on FanHouse one writer agrees with Kornheiser and says accident or not – it was a childish act: “It’s a silly way to celebrate. It’s showboating when you’ve done nothing. It draws attention to yourself rather than the goal scorer and … It’s even dumber when the goalkeeper is standing right behind the ball … another moment of on-field foolishness by Thierry Henry, a 33-year-old World Cup winner who still hasn’t grown up.”
And on the Washington Post – Henry’s passion is praised and one contributor on the Washington Post says no way he should be suspended: “For me, intent is an important element in a situation like this. I don’t believe Henry — intended to cause injury. Dumb, yes. But not worthy of a match ban. I’m glad to see Henry is passionate about his team’s performance.”
So what do you think? Should Henry be suspended?

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