ESO Exam Schedule for 2010-11 schoolyear

Attention, ESO students. This is the 2010-11 schoolyear exam schedule:
(Listening tests to be held during the ‘Study Time” lesson before every exam)


1st ESO – Thursday 30th September
2nd ESO – Monday 27th September
3rd ESO – Tuesday 28th September
4th ESO – Monday 27th September
1st Term
Unit 1:
1st ESO – Thursday 14th October
2nd ESO – Wednesday 13th October
3rd ESO – Wednesday 13th October
4th ESO – Friday 15th October
Unit 2:
1st ESO – Thursday 11th November
2nd ESO – Wednesday 10th November
3rd ESO – Tuesday 9th November
4th ESO – Tuesday 9th November
Unit 3:
1st ESO ­– Friday 10th December
2nd ESO – Thursday 9th December
3rd ESO –Wednesday 1st December
4th ESO – Friday 10th December

2nd Term
Unit 4:
1st ESO – Friday 21st January
2nd ESO – Thursday 20th January
3rd ESO – Wednesday 19th January
4th ESO – Friday 21st January
Unit 5:
1st ESO – Thursday 17th February
2nd ESO – Wednesday 16 th February
3rd ESO – Wednesday 16th February
4th ESO – Friday 18th February
Unit 6:
1st ESO – Friday 11th March
2nd ESO – Thursday 10th March
3rd ESO – Wednesday 2nd March
4th ESO – Friday 11th March

3rd Term
Unit 7:
1st ESO – Wednesday 13th April
2nd ESO – Monday 11th April
3rd ESO – Wednesday 13th April
4th ESO – Monday 11th April
Unit 8:
1st ESO – Friday 20th May
2nd ESO –  Wednesday 18th May
3rd ESO – Wednesday 18th May
4th ESO – Friday 20th May
You will also have irregular verbs exams, but those will be “surprise” tests, so that you study the verbs on a daily, regular basis.
After units 3 and 7 you may also have a REVISION TEST.
During the FIRST WEEK IN MAY students who have failed any subjects from previous schoolyears will have to sit for their REMEDIAL EXAMS.
As a general rule, students will take as many exams as necessary for their best possible progress.
The schedule for FINAL EXAMS will be published later in the schoolyear, but they should take place in June between Monday 13th and Thursday 14th.
Good luck to everyone!

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