Glass is a browser add-on (so far it only works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, sorry) that lets you share experiences and not just content. Now, instead of sending a link, your contacts see your thoughts together with the moment that inspired them, in context, allowing you to share the experience of being there. With it you will have all the tools you need to create, check out what your contacts have created for you, and see everything on Glass from anywhere on the internet.
Similar to a virtual post-it, you can add almost anything: write notes, highlight text, and even place pictures and videos (to come soon) on top of any website and share those thoughts with only those you choose.
It is free, but up to now only people who receive invitations (invite codes) from other users or directly from Glass can join them. If any of you, Labor Students (or former students), would like an invite code send us an e-mail: we have 75 invite codes to five away!

Watch the video and learn more about Glass:
Slide Tutorial:

Feed Tutorial:

No copyright infringement intended. For educational, non-commercial purposes only.


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