ESO 2, 3 & 4 – 1st Term PBL Results

ESO 2, ESO 3 & ESO 4 Students,

Before publishing your PBL results, let us remind you what the terms were:

You had to send your answers in 2 attached files:
  • File #1: a text file (such as Microsoft Word, Windows Write, etc.) but the extension MUST be “.rtf” and not “.doc” including what you think the original Spanish text said, the best possible translation into English and all the necessary comments and explanations.
  • File #2: your new, original design for a hotel room door-knob card in a “.jpg” or “.gif” file including your translation into English.
  • For your “.rtf” file you had to use the K-W-L system:
What do I KNOW (about this topic)? (Hotels, bookings, rooms, etc.)
What do I WANT (=need) to know?
What have I LEARNT?
If you are wondering why your group has not got 10 points, go through the terms & conditions and check which one(s) you did not comply with… and remember: perfection does not exist!

And now, here are your marks (if you can’t remember what group you belong to, check the PBL post):

GROUP 2A1: 0 points – message & files not sent 😦
GROUP 2A2: 3 points.
GROUP 2A3: 3 points.
GROUP 2A4: 4 points.
GROUP 2B1: 6 points.
GROUP 2B2: 8 points.
GROUP 2B3: 6 points.
GROUP 3A1: 4 points.
GROUP 3A2: 8 points.
GROUP 3A3: 8 points.
GROUP 3A4: 3 points.
GROUP 3B1: 9 points.
GROUP 3B2: 9 points
GROUP 3B3: 5 points.
GROUP 3B4: 6 points.
GROUP 4A1: 3 points.
GROUP 4A2: 9 points.
GROUP 4A3: 9 points.
GROUP 4A4: 8 points.
GROUP 4B1: 9 points.
GROUP 4B2: 9 points.
GROUP 4B3: 3 points.
GROUP 4B4: 9 points
And last but not least, let see some of your door-knob cards:

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