2nd Term PBL Marks for ESO 2, 3 & 4

ESO 2, 3 & 4 Students,

These are your marks for your 2nd term PBL’s:

GROUP_2A_1: 7 (Quite good, but there are a few serious spelling mistakes.)
GROUP_2A_2: 4 (Incomplete translation.)
GROUP_2A_3: 3 (Invalid identification, incomplete translation, poor formatting.)
GROUP_2A_4: 8 (Good effort!)
GROUP_2B_1: 3 (Invalid identification, poor translation, poor formatting.)
GROUP_2B_2: 4 (Incomplete translation)
GROUP_2B_3: 9 (Almost perfect!)
GROUP_2B_4: 9 (Almost perfect!)
GROUP_3A_1: 7 (Quite good, but poor formatting.)
GROUP_3A_2: 6 (Not bad, but poor spelling and formatting.)
GROUP_3A_3: 5 (Gross spelling mistakes.)
GROUP_3A_4: 8 (Good effort!)
GROUP_3B_1: 5 (Gross spelling mistakes, poor formatting.)
GROUP_3B_2: 7 (Quite good, but there are a few serious spelling mistakes.)
GROUP_3B_3: 7 (Not bad, but there a couple of translation mistakes and some spelling ones.)
GROUP_3B_4: 7 (Formatting not too good, spelling and grammar mistakes).
GROUP_4A_1: 4 (Incomplete translation.)
GROUP_4A_2: 6 (Poor spelling, grammar and translation.)
GROUP_4A_3: 4 (Incomplete translation, bad grammar, spelling mistakes.)
GROUP_4A_4: 4 (Invalid identification.)
GROUP_4B_1: 9 (Almost perfect!)

GROUP_4B_2: 4 (Incomplete translation, incorrect formatting.)
GROUP_4B_3: 5 (Poor translation, incorrect formatting, grammar and spelling mistakes.)
GROUP_4B_4: 7 (Formatting not good enough, translation and grammar mistakes).

This was Leo’s poster:

And this is Group_2B-4’s poster, one of the best you have sent:
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