Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary Online

ESO Students,

We would like to recommend a very useful resource, the online visual dictionary by Merriam Webster. It is structured in 15 major themes to access over 6,000 images. In our opinion it is one of the few linguistic online tools which rivals Google Images.
The Visual Dictionary is designed to help you find the right word at a glance. Filled with stunning illustrations labelled with accurate terminology in up to six languages, it is the ideal language-learning and vocabulary dictionary for use at school, at home or at work.
When you know what something looks like but not what it’s called, or when you know the word but can’t picture the object, The Visual Dictionary has the answer. In a quick look, you can match the word to the image.
The Visual Dictionary is more than a reliable resource of meticulously labelled images—it innovates by combining dictionary-scale definitions with exceptional illustrations, making it the most complete dictionary.

The Visual Dictionary is an indispensable visual reference that goes beyond object identification to answer questions about function, significance and purpose. Ideal for teachers, parents, writers, translators and students of all skill levels, it helps the user understand a phenomenon and quickly grasp the meaning of a term, the characteristics of an object or simply learn something new.
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