ESO 4 Best Graduation Speech

ESO 4 Students,

Here is Alberto Ponce’s graduation speech. It is the best speech in ESO 4 this year, not only because of its contents, but also because he learnt it by heart, he delivered it with a fairly good pronunciation, rhythm and fluency and his stance, posture and eye-contact with the audience were remarkable. Congratulations, Alberto! And you have earned yourself 2 extra points for volunteering to deliver your speech at the ESO 4 Graduation event to be held next June 23rd.
Good afternoon, everybody, 
Thank you very much for coming to our graduation today. I am feeling really excited for our graduation and a little nervous because of this speech. 
Time flies, doesn’t it? I remember when I first came to Labor school to take 4th year of Primary. The rest of the children in that class had been together since they were 3 years old, but I was the new kid, and was quite scared for my first day at school. But only one week after that, I received my first invitation to a birthday party. Since then, I haven’t been scared again and everything has been just fine. 
I recall now all those years we have been together, all those exams, all those projects and PBL assignments… but now, all that is over… or not quite yet… We still have to study harder and harder at high school. I would have preferred to stay at Labor for another two years, though. 
I would not be here today without the support and encouragement of my classmates and friends, teachers and parents. I would like to thank my parents for their support and for being the way they are. I would like to thank my teachers for all their help and their patience with my handwriting. I could not mention only one teacher because all of them have been very helpful and I have learnt a lot from them. And I would also like to thank my friends for their help and support in bad times. 
Time flies, doesn’t it? In the future I intend to take Power Engineering at university. I hope I will do fine there, but I am sure that here, at Labor, we got started down the road to success because everybody has helped us a lot. 
Before I finish my speech, I would like to wish my classmates all the very best for their future. I hope you will achieve all your goals in life and that you will be happy, very happy. I would also like to wish you a safe, happy end-of-year school-trip to Asturias. 
Well, I don’t mean to bug you with my speech so thank you everybody again for being here. Enjoy the snacks and drinks served outside. 
So long, my friends!!
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