Los Septiembre

Los Septiembre is an indie pop band from Vigo. 2 of its members, brothers Marcos and Albert Lois, studied at Labor over 10 years ago. Marcos plays the drums and Albert is the bassist. The singer is Pablo Álvarez, and Celso Alonso is the guitarist. Their goal is to give a 1960’s style and sound to their music.

Los Septiembre are presenting their first EP “Canciones de un fin de semana” at La Fábrica de Chocolate (22, Rogelio Abalde street, Vigo) next Friday 18th November at 22.30. This EP is made up of four songs: “Cajas amarillas“, “Trampa de amor“, “Burbujas de nieve” and “Tiempos de baile”, which you can enjoy in the video below:

You can find Los Septiembre on their websiteFacebookYouTube, and Twitter or contact them at their e-mail.
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