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Superb Job

Labor Students, We would like to post ESO 1 unit 3 outline by ESO 1 B student, Andrea Aguado. Andrea has done it voluntarily as a preparation for her unit 3 test. We thought it was not only a brilliant … Continue reading

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ESO English Syllabus 2011-12

ESO Students, If you click on the following links you can download your English syllabus, terms and conditions for 2011-12: ESO 1 Syllabus ESO 2 Syllabus ESO 3 Syllabus ESO 4 Syllabus No copyright infringement intended. For educational, non commercial purposes only.

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Blogs & Sites at Labor School

ESO Students, As of today, your teachers at Labor School offer you up to 17 blogs and sites, 10 of them targeting ESO contents. 1 more blog (French Language) is soon to be published. Please visit them regularly and take … Continue reading

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33 Ways to Stay Creative

Javier Silveira, a former Labor School student, and presently a web and graphic designer living in Milan, Italy, has shared with us on one of our social networks the following 33 ways to stay creative: 1 – Make lists2 – … Continue reading

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Learning What Being a Teacher Is All About

Labor Students, We would like to give you and your parents this article by Pam Platt published on We hope it will make you all think. By the way, this article is in direct connection with this other published on Sunday 24th October 2010including … Continue reading

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ESO 3 – 3rd Term PBL 2010-11

ESO 3 Students, Here is your PBL assignment for the 3rd term, a group project in which you will be practising the listening and writing skills. Your task is to TRANSCRIBE these YouTube video clips: Comparative Adjectives Superlative Adjectives Passive … Continue reading

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We offer you again a new resource, another online dictionary. At they brag theirs is ‘The World’s Fastest, Smartest Dictionary’. They say that unlike most online dictionaries, we want you to find your word’s meaning quickly. We don’t care how … Continue reading

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