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Do you tell lies?

ESO Students, Do you tell any lies? Don’t be afraid the tell the truth. We all do. It is a common human characteristic. In fact, it is  one essential feature of intelligence.We could even state that lying is one of … Continue reading

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The Linguistic Genius of Babies

Patricia Kuhl explains how we learn language as babies, looking at the ways our brains form around language acquisition. She shares amazing information about how babies learn one language over another: by listening to the  humans around them and “taking … Continue reading

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Newsy: Google Launches ‘Body Browser’

Google’s latest mapping experiment? The human body. ‘Body Browser’ lets users explore an interactive 3D model of the human anatomy. It’s a high-tech, highly detailed look at a human body — inside and out. No, it’s not the latest TSA … Continue reading

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Newsy: Scientists Say Water on Moon Could Support Humans

Just over a year ago, NASA sent two probes to crash into the moon, hoping to find water under the surface. What they found was not just some water, but maybe enough to support a manned mission. “Not only is … Continue reading

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Newsy: British Researchers Say Cancer is Man-Made

A controversial British study says cancer is based on modern factors and industrialization, and it suggests cancer was rare in ancient societies. “Now there’s this fascinating new study. They looked at almost a 1,000 mummies and found that only a … Continue reading

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Newsy: U.N. Convention Confronts Loss of Biodiversity

The U.N.’s Convention on Biological Diversity kicked off Monday in Tokyo. Representatives from more than 190 nations aim to preserve species facing extinction. “For this international year of biodiversity. I call on every country and each citizen of our planet … Continue reading

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Newsy: ‘The Big One’ Ready to Rock California

Experts say an earthquake along the San Andreas fault could happen soon and create massive destruction. “Researchers are warning that a major earthquake known as The Big One could strike southern California at any time. New research shows the San … Continue reading

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