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Are you Addicted to your Mobile Phone?

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33 Ways to Stay Creative

Javier Silveira, a former Labor School student, and presently a web and graphic designer living in Milan, Italy, has shared with us on one of our social networks the following 33 ways to stay creative: 1 – Make lists2 – … Continue reading

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Google Effect: Google and your Memory

Sometimes remembering is not just everything. More important than that is knowing where to find the information, telling the difference between what is important and what is not, having the skills to understand and analyse it, establishing links and relationships … Continue reading

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You Need To Get Off Facebook

Labor Students, Have you got a Facebook account? Or Twitter? or Tuenti? Maybe you have an account in some or all of them. Do you spend too much time on the social networks? Actually, do you waste your time on … Continue reading

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On 30th July 2010 at LEZ (Labor English Zone) we told you about 1000 Awesome Things, a website listing the small things that make us smile on a bad day which has become a worldwide hit. They have just published their … Continue reading

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Twitter in Plain English

Hi there ESO students, We are sure many of you have already joined a social network, most probably Tuenti and/or Facebook. Although you are very young, if we had to give you some advice about which one you should join, … Continue reading

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Quiz: Quora?

Hi there, ESO Students! 10 points up for grabs valid for the 2nd term to the student who sends the first correct answer to our mail. This is the quiz: What does QUORA mean? Where does that word come from? What … Continue reading

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